I could NOT….

By Anonymous, submitted 20 May 2021

I have a month to do it.
There’s this thing I have to do –what is it?
Write an essay? 

Tell a story?
I can’t quite remember what it is, 

exactly  but it’s important, 

and it’s due in about:

 Over three weeks
I have time to get it all done.

 That leaves me lots of time to:
Move large objects from Place a. To Place b.
(subject to change without notice)

Small objects can be tucked away
Under something, inside something,

Or put somewhere new and unexpected!

I have two weeks, AT LEAST,
before that thing is due.
I have time.

I have time to watch this new Spanish film,
Enrol in a Learn to Speak Spanish Course.
Learn to speak Spanish,
but do that thing.

 In like a week and a half?

What will I wear?

(Did you see
Meryl Streep’s new haircut?)

I’ll watch another movie,
read another blog.

Just fart around on the internet
for a total of 7 hours a day. 

Just a couple of days left.
What was it?
It’s important.
A letter?

An essay?

 What is Expected of me? 

I have time    I can write a poem…

If I don’t know how to format a document, 

Could this be mistaken for a poem?



What would Meryl Streep do?

I must try to cut my own hair!

I can do this.  I can do a good job if I cut my own hair.

 (*narrator’s voice: She could not. )

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