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We wish to raise awareness about the hidden disability that is still ravaging the lives of many women throughout Europe today and empower all people living with ADHD, of all genders and diverse cultures in society across the world.

ADHD Europe Team

We would like to whole heartedly thank everyone for your help, time and efforts for initiatives and ADHD related activities in your countries.  There are so many people in our…

Research Contributors

ADHD Women Reseach Contributors Join our newsletter We would like to whole heartedly thank all partners and colloborators for including ADHD Europe in various initiatives and ADHD related activities. The…

Project Founders

This website was originally created in 2020,  for women to share their personal stories as well as a place to make information available to them about ADHD in women and…

Several studies into ADHD in Women are coming...

  • research into the cycle in women with ADHD;
  • international research into the health of women with ADHD
  • research into ADHD in women with premenstrual, postnatal and perimenopausal depression in collaboration with gynecology departments in the Netherlands;
  • research into the best treatment for women with premenstrual depression and ADHD. 


The ADHD Women Project is run by volunteers, and from time to time, we update publications on our website.  Should you wish us to share your research or publications. Please do tag us on social media or contact us.

We have various publications from expert videos or aritcles, research opportunities, research (pilot studies, preliminary findings, publications and awareness resource articles that have been produced with ADHD Europe members and their professionals under the ADHD Women Project.

Research – Article – ADD symptoms & characteristics

Credit Translation from Dutch to English ADD Symptomen en kenmerken Join our newsletter ADD stands for Attention Deficit Disorder. ADD is a subtype of ADHD. Officially, ADD is called attention deficit hyperactivity…

Awareness about ADHD in Girls

Join our newsletter Articles ~ Must reads! Decades of failing to recognize ADHD in girls has created a “lost generation” of women…Girls are closing one gender gap we don’t want:…

Awareness about Executive Function

Join our newsletter Our in-house experts say…  Executive Function” – what does that mean? The term Executive Function is used to refer to brain circuits that prioritize, integrate, and regulate…

Research – Expert Video – ADHD & Hormone Research

Prof. J.J. Sandra Kooij (from PsyQ) talks with ‘Adulting with ADHD’ about ADHD & Hormone Research Credit to by popular demand! is Dr. Sandra Kooij, a Dutch psychiatrist…

Research – Expert Video – ADHD, Addiction & Substance Abuse

ADHD, Addiction, and Substance Abuse ~ Prof. Anthony Ramos~Quiroga (Head of Pscyhiatry, Vall d’Hebron University Hospital based in Spain) explains why ADHD often co-occurs with Substance Use Disorders (SUD) in both adults and adolescents/ How…

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