Research by PsyQ

Upcoming Research Opportunity
for Adult Women with ADHD

We’re so excited to share a unique opportunity for adult women with ADHD to contribute to novel research and have their experience heard by scientists and health professionals!

There is currently a lack of research focusing on adult women with ADHD – especially from the perspective of the women themselves. 

We will shortly be sending out a survey across Europe to collect the experiences of thousands of women with ADHD. 

The data will be kept strictly confidential and integrated into a ground breakung scientific study. The aims of this survey are to:

The aims of this survey are to:
Understand the overall experience of adult women with ADHD
Explore the links between ADHD and other health conditions
Identify barriers to diagnosis and sources of support
Identify future research goals and construct appropriate interventions.

During the “Health Insights for ADHD Women” webinar  held on 20th October 2021, Professor Sandra Kooij and Dr. Dora Wynchank shared more information about this research project and how you can get involved. 

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