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The ADHD Women Project was formed by ADHS Deutschland e.V. and ADHD, ASC & LD Belgium who are both longstanding members of ADHD Europe.   ADHD Europe colloborates with ADHD researchers, scientists and experts who offer their most valuable support for all ~ ADHD communities worldwide.


Women, ADHD, and Hormones ~ Prof. Sandra Kooij help us to understand ADHD in girls and women, why late/delayed diagnosis is so common, and answer other important questions. We will also dig into the role of our male-dominated society and what this means for scientific research. Prof. Kooij will also share some practical advice for women and girls with ADHD. . Join our exciting webinar to mark the start of ADHD Awareness Month.   Prof. Dr. Sandra Kooij.

Credits & thank you to:  Guest Speaker: Prof. Sandra Kooij, Host: Hans van de Velde, Producer: Viljo Wilding which was streamed live on 01 October, 2020 by Broadcasting ADHD Europe in partnership with the ADHD Women Project. 

ADHD & Sleep Prof. Sandra Kooij explains why is sleeping well such a challenge for people with ADHD, and what can we do about it? We discuss this all important question and: • What is the late sleep phase in ADHD? • Is ADHD actually a problem of the biological clock? • Melatonin and other medications – do or don’t? • What is light therapy and is it useful?  

Credits & thank you to:  Guest Speaker: Prof. Sandra Kooij, Host: Hans van de Velde, Producer: Viljo Wilding which was streamed live on Jan 26, 2021 by Broadcasting ADHD Europe in partnership with the ADHD Women Project.  Editors note:  ADHD & Sleep Survey 

 Females, Hormones and ADHD ~ Dr. Sara Binder from Canada discusses how ADHD presents in females along with common comorbidities. It reviews literature on hormones and ADHD throughout the lifespan and consider treatment strategies in ADHD during pregnancy and postpartum, as well as discuss the hormonal impact of menopause on cognition.  This zoom webinar is available for a limited time only. Read more about Sara Binder.

ADHD & Women ~ Dr. Patricia O’Quinn M.D. talks about diagnosis in girls and women ~ Why is it that so many woment don’t get diagnosed until much later in life, if at all and what are the results of that?  Some women or some girls very early on get anxious because of their ADHD symptoms. We see them because their symptoms cause them to forget projects or be embarrassed and humiliated in front of other people.  Depression in girls and women very often become demoralized by their
ADHD symptoms, they develop low-grade chronic depression which is called Dysthymia, and other people, professionals, mental health professionals are very good at recognizing depression and the woman gets diagnosed with depression and gets treated in a lot of times, but no one thinks ADHD, they think depression, anxiety but no ADHD. 
 Read more about Dr. Patricia O’Quinn.


ADHD, Addiction, and Substance Abuse ~ Prof. Anthony Ramos~Quiroga explains why ADHD often co-occurs with Substance Use Disorders (SUD) in both adults and adolescents/ How this can complicate proper screening, diagnosis, and treatment, as well as resulting in poor treatment outcomes and discusses the genetic link between both conditions, the psychological aspects, diagnosis of both, and the options for treatment.

Credits & thank you to:  Guest Speaker: Prof. Anthony Ramos~Quiroga, Host: Hans van de Velde, Producer: Viljo Wilding which was streamed live on 17 May 2021 by Broadcasting ADHD Europe. Editors note: Poster from World ADHD Congress 2021
Must read
:  Perspective  about use of Cocaine before ADHD Treatment

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~ Prof. Sandra Kooij (ADHD expert and psychiatrist based in Netherlands)
~ Prof Antoni Ramos-Quiroga (Head of Pscyhiatry, Vall d’Hebron University Hospital based in Spain)



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