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Why do we need a special website for ADHD in Women?  Read more about us and ‘The ADHD Women Project’

Meet the Team – Founders, ADHD Europe Members & Research Contributors
We wish to raise awareness about the hidden disability that is still ravaging the lives of many women throughout Europe today and empower all people living with ADHD, of all genders and diverse cultures in society across the world. Come meet the team.

Symptons in ADHD in Women do not become noticeable as early in girls as they do in boys, this adds to the misunderstandings and misdiagnoses in girls. Come read more about ADHD in Women

Indicators  of ADHD – Since ADHD symptoms do not become noticeable as early in girls as they do in boys, this adds to the misunderstandings and misdiagnoses in girls. Read more about ‘Indicators of ADHD’

Common Symptoms –While the typical indicators for women may differ depending on their ability to compensate for their difficulties, there are a few that all women share. Read more about common symptoms.

Co-exisiting Conditions –Many undiagnosed women are often treated only for the coexisting condition (comorbidity). Come read more about some conditions that women often have in addition to their ADHD. Come learn more about this.

Diagnosis & Treatment – This various across the world. Here are some guidelines on getting support and other treatment options. There is also a quizz to check if you are a morning person or not. Read more about ‘Diagnosis & Treatment’

Danger of Misdiagnosis  – In some cases, women are diagnosed and treated with depression, anxiety disorders, sleep apnear or insomnia or mood disorders. Read more about the ‘Danger of Misdiagnosis’. 

Undiagnosed & Untreated  – This is a must read, especially if you think you might have ADHD. Read more.

Declaration – We in ADHD Europe are calling for greater attention to the situation faced by the countless women and girls with undiagnosed ADHD across Europe and indeed the worl

Support Groups – For many years there have been parent and teacher support groups. There has been an increase of support group meetingsjust for women around the globe. Find out more here


Our resources comprise of personal stories that have been given by women talking about their experiences living with ADHD in life and their ADHD journey. 

We also have recommended books, evidenced based videos, information about research and awareness raising, blogs and publications.

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